Charlie Halpin Insists on Quality Work

The old saying “Garbage In, Garbage Out” is a saying  I often think to myself  when I see a poorly designed vehicle wrap or graphic job. Over the 25 years that I have been in the advertising and marketing industry I have seen all too often poorly designed and installed graphics. Whether it is a sign or a vehicle wrap, bad ones are out there.  I feel this is due to too many businesses cutting corners with products, manpower, principles, work ethics and attitude and especially “not paying attention to details”.  The useage of inferior art files can mean the difference between a bright, crisp dynamic wrap or a blurred and pixalated inferior wrap.  If the designer does not insist on quality pictures or art files than the results will be reflected in the final output.  I have seen many wraps where the wrap failed at the design stage because someone didn’t care.  A designer accepted the art files they were given and produced the wrap based on those pictures.  Hence “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

There are a few extremely important steps that are crucial to a successful wrap:

Design stage:

Working in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop I offer highly produced art work. I insist on quality pictures and it is imperative I receive pictures from our clients that are of high resolution.  I  will NOT produce an inferior wrap due to inadequate and poor quality pictures. I will work the design, sweating the details until I am 100% convinced of  the quality of the final output before I go to print.  I ensure the right message gets built into each design, suited to a specific business. I am serious about vehicle wraps and I give my personal guaranty that you will get the most creative and highest quality wrap for your hard earned dollars.


We only use  3M  vinyl for our wraps.  We do not cut corners to keep our costs down.  With using premium vinyl we can offer a 1 year install warranty.  We use quality production equipment.  Our printer is a new Mimaki 54″ digital printer which uses Mimaki quality inks producing vibrant 4 color digital prints.


As I am a 3M Preferred Installer I offer highly skilled and trained installation services.

From the beginning of the project to the day the customer drives their vehicle away, I offer each client exceptional customer service and make myself available to answer any questions the client may have.  Because all we do is custom vehicle wraps,  my company strives to be the best at what we do. Let me put my experience to work for you. I am the real wrap-man. Call us now.



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