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We do wrap the occassional building or window but this is usually for our existing clients. We don’t want to become a cheesy sign shop so we tend to avoid simple flat or easy jobs. We prefer complex curved surfaces like vehicles. Since we have wrapped over a thousand vehicles we have gotten darn good at it.

Beware: Not all, but a stagering amount of sign shops in the GTA don’t know how to properly wrap a vehicle. But they try. A kind of reverse engineering. They lowball the job and then use lower grade material on your vehicle so they can make a profit. You have probably seen the trucks with glue all over their sides. Or wraps pealing off. The real kicker is certain unmentionalble shops that liquid laminate the product. Liquid lam lasts about 6 months. I have proof. Want to see it. Look at the Weston Bakery trucks. Nuff said.

Don’t get me started on the Chinese vinyl…………

We have been exclusively wrapping vehicles for 10 years. We have the client photos to prove it. Let us show you how its done professionally, using premium 3M vinyl and installed by a 3M Preferred Installer.

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