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This site is optimized to read on your Smart Phone, iPad or Tablet

We have gone to great lengths to make sure you can find us on your smart phone or tablet when you are on the road and also that you know what is broadband connection. This site will automatically re-size on

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3M Preferred Graphics Installer Identity Guidelines

THE FOLLOWING ARE EXCERPTS FROM THE 3M PREFERRED GRAPHICS INSTALLER IDENTITY GUIDELINES. Many businesses in the GTA are claiming on their websites they are  3M Certified OR they are a 3M Preferred Installer OR a 3M Certified company.  If they

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WRAPPING 101 by Ben Bieber, Professional Installer

What every potential customer needs to know.  Dollar for dollar there is no cheaper way to get your message across to consumers than a commercial wrap. Rather a bold statement considering the significant outlay of money a wrap requires especially

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Charlie Halpin Insists on Quality Work

Contrary to popular belief print media is alive and well. People still subscribe to magazines and read newspapers, and many of these publications offer incredibly targeted audiences.  The print media world may no longer be recognizable after the digital revolution that’s

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Charlie Halpin is a 3M Preferred Installer

Charlie Halpin 3M_Preferred Installer for vWrapz vehicle wraps Toronto

Charlie has over 25 years experience installing graphics on cars, trucks, buses, boats and aircraft.

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vWrapz | New Large Format Hi-Speed Wrap Printing Equipment

vWrapz is pleased to announce we have purchased new Digital Vehicle Wrap Printing equipment. To better serve our many clients we have added a 54″ Mimaki, Summa Cutter and 55″ Seal cold laminator to our production department. This is our

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