vWrapz is re-branding as vehiclewrapz.com

We are killing the crow as in Crowsnest Signs and going back to what we know best. Vehicle wraps!

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This site is optimized to read on your Smart Phone, iPad or Tablet

We have gone to great lengths to make sure you can find us on your smart phone or tablet when you are on the road. This site will automatically re-size on any smart phone so you can easily see every page. Hope you like it and it works for you.

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We now take Visa and Mastercard for wrap deposits


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3M Preferred Graphics Installer Identity Guidelines

THE FOLLOWING ARE EXCERPTS FROM THE 3M PREFERRED GRAPHICS INSTALLER IDENTITY GUIDELINES. Many businesses in the GTA are claiming on their websites they are  3M Certified OR they are a 3M Preferred Installer OR a 3M Certified company.  If they will blatantly lie on the front page of their website, imagine the false information you may be told. Basically a 3M Preferred Installer is the best in the business. It is extremely hard to become one so we do not take it lightly when a company professes to have 3M Preferred Installers when they don’t. Any company not following the policies and structure as set out in the 3M Guidelines and who are clearly not qualified and listed as a 3M Preferred Graphic Installer on the 3M posted list, is in clear violation of the guidelines and will be identified and dealt with directly by 3M.It is an offense to make false presentations of this designation and they are in clear violation of The Competition Act.  The best way to satisfy yourself if the person claiming to hold this accreditation is indeed qualified by 3M please go to this LINK . IF YOU DO NOT SEE THEIR COMPANY NAME AND THE PERSON’S NAME HOLDING THE DESIGNATION ON THE LIST THEY DO NOT HOLD THE 3M PREFERRED GRAPHIC INSTALLER DESIGNATION.

3M Preferred Graphics Installer Identity Guidelines as set out by 3M

The 3M Preferred Graphics Installer designation should be associated with the name of the person(s) who holds this designation in all informational media, including websites and brochures. Adding a link to a list of your 3M Preferred Graphics Installer names behind the Emblem or another location is acceptable.

Recommendations for identifying Preferred Installers:

I am accredited as a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer.

  • Charlie Halpin is a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer.
  • Charlie Halpin of vWrapz Inc is a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer.
  • We employ 3M Preferred Graphics Installers. Click this link for the names of these accredited professionals. (Provide a link to individuals’ names.)
  • We contract only 3M Preferred Graphics Installers. Click this link for the names of these accredited professionals. (Provide a link to individuals’ names.)

 Using the Designation in Your Communications

 Any graphics installer who has passed the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer test may use the designation 3M Preferred Graphics Installer in promotional body copy.

 What Not To Do

Do not refer to yourself or your company as a producer or installer of Scotchprint® Graphics unless you are also a current Scotchprint® Graphics Authorized Manufacturer—a unique designation available only from 3M.

  • Do not use the word “certified” in connection with your status as a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer.
  • Do not make any claim or relationship about your company being a 3M Certified Graphics Installer–this designation is an individual person’s designation only.
  • Do not infer that your credentials as a professional installer affect your ability to extend any 3M warranty to the customer.
  • Do not imply that you are a preferred 3M vendor.

 Terms of Usage

 The Designation and Emblem may be used as specified in this guideline only by the individual installers who have current 3M Preferred Graphics Installer credentials. Installers will submit to 3M for approval every instance of use of the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer emblem. Any variation to these guidelines must also be approved by 3M.



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vWrapz has become a 3M Silver Select Graphic Provider


Becoming a recent 3M Silver Select Graphic Provider means that we are recognized by 3M as a leader within the graphics industry, we offer 3M Performance Guarantee and we have in-house professional graphic design capability.  As we have only just recently been recognized by 3M as being qualified to be a 3M Silver Select Graphic Provider our name may not appear on the 3M list as yet as it is being updated.

Please refer to this LINK for the details on the 3M Performance Guarantee.

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WRAPPING 101 by Ben Bieber, Professional Installer

What every potential customer needs to know.

 Dollar for dollar there is no cheaper way to get your message across to consumers than a commercial wrap. Rather a bold statement considering the significant outlay of money a wrap requires especially over a number or fleet of vehicles.
Advertising people use the term “per impression”. That is the benchmark of what an ad will cost divided by the number of people that see it. Years ago the higher that rate was the more money you had to pay to get it. This fueled the per month price wars for larger ads in the yellow pages or newspapers or billboards in higher traffic areas than say a country road. All of that since the invention of the internet is now (or soon will be) obsolete.
So where is the smart money spent? As cities grow and urban sprawl continues there is a greater dependence on vehicles for commuting. The average commute time in the GTA is now over 80 minutes round trip with the main roads averaging about 2 million commuters per day. Imagine having a captive audience for 80 minutes a day, 5 days a week seeing your ad NOT NEXT TO 20 OF YOUR COMPETITORS.
If we take the average life expectancy of a wrap (5 to 7 years), multiply that by the number of days per year on the road times the average number of daily commuters you will encounter, and divide that number into the initial cost of your wrap you will come up with a number 100 times lower than what you spent on your morning coffee on your way to work today.
So what is the only issue in this equation? Traffic will get worse we know that, affecting commute times and increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads; that’s a given. Historical forms of costly advertising like phone books, newspapers, radio, television are all on the way out, great for us as well. The only issue is THE WRAP ITSELF.
If you don’t get that 5 to 7 year life expectancy from your wrap the whole formula fails and your cost “per impression” can double, triple, etc. So how do you go about ensuring that the money you spend is going to give you that return on investment you are counting on?
Specialists. Specialists bring to the table what others can’t. Specialists do one thing and one thing only and are the best in their field. In any field whether it be wraps or construction or medicine when you need the absolute best you go see them.
Every Canadian has seen and knows Mike Holmes. He gets on that TV and day after day he repeats himself over and over, HIRE THE PROFESSIONALS. We sit and watch as the poor unsuspecting homeowner recants the tail of how horrible the contractor was and what they did to them and we hear the same things being repeated by every one of them,
“We hired the guy with the lowest bid”.
“We didn’t question it”
“We didn’t check references.”
“We paid him CASH.”
We sit there and we lecture them thru the TV saying well what did you expect? There’s a lot of shady unregulated guys out there with white vans and hammers claiming to be contractors and you let them mess with the largest investment you have!” And for every 1 person that makes it onto that show I can imagine there are a thousand just like them that are in the exact same boat.
So the question now becomes why would you allow someone to mess around with the SECOND largest investment you have, your vehicles? And how do you go about protecting yourself from the unregulated unqualified shops out there that will take your money and run? You hire the specialists. You educate yourself, you check references and you ASK QUESTIONS. Sounds familiar right?
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Charlie Halpin Insists on Quality Work

The old saying “Garbage In, Garbage Out” is a saying  I often think to myself  when I see a poorly designed vehicle wrap or graphic job. Over the 25 years that I have been in the advertising and marketing industry I have seen all too often poorly designed and installed graphics. Whether it is a sign or a vehicle wrap, bad ones are out there.  I feel this is due to too many businesses cutting corners with products, manpower, principles, work ethics and attitude and especially “not paying attention to details”.  The useage of inferior art files can mean the difference between a bright, crisp dynamic wrap or a blurred and pixalated inferior wrap.  If the designer does not insist on quality pictures or art files than the results will be reflected in the final output.  I have seen many wraps where the wrap failed at the design stage because someone didn’t care.  A designer accepted the art files they were given and produced the wrap based on those pictures.  Hence “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

There are a few extremely important steps that are crucial to a successful wrap:

Design stage:

Working in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop I offer highly produced art work. I insist on quality pictures and it is imperative I receive pictures from our clients that are of high resolution.  I  will NOT produce an inferior wrap due to inadequate and poor quality pictures. I will work the design, sweating the details until I am 100% convinced of  the quality of the final output before I go to print.  I ensure the right message gets built into each design, suited to a specific business. I am serious about vehicle wraps and I give my personal guaranty that you will get the most creative and highest quality wrap for your hard earned dollars.


We only use  3M  vinyl for our wraps.  We do not cut corners to keep our costs down.  With using premium vinyl we can offer a 1 year install warranty.  We use quality production equipment.  Our printer is a new Mimaki 54″ digital printer which uses Mimaki quality inks producing vibrant 4 color digital prints.


As I am a 3M Preferred Installer I offer highly skilled and trained installation services.

From the beginning of the project to the day the customer drives their vehicle away, I offer each client exceptional customer service and make myself available to answer any questions the client may have.  Because all we do is custom vehicle wraps,  my company strives to be the best at what we do. Let me put my experience to work for you. I am the real wrap-man. Call us now.



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Mike’s Tuner Shop wraps luxury vehicles using 3M 1080 Series

BMW X6 wrapped in 3M 1080 matte black by vWrapz at Budd's BMW in Hamilton ON

Mike’s Tuner Shop is the Auto Restyle division of vWrapz Inc. Mike’s specializes in applying 3M 1080 Series vinyl in multiple matte colors such as black,  white, grey, titanium and others.  We offer full wraps in the various matte colours or scaled down portions of a vehicle such as a roof, hood, trunk or bumper.   We can combine various colours as well. Our roots as an advertising company allows us to present the latest in technology and installation. Our main installer Charlie Halpin is a 3M Preferred Installer. Our co- installers are training to pass 3M Certification.
vwrapz corvette stormtrooper.jpg
vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

Please head over to Mike’s now to see all our restyle wraps: mikestunershop.com

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Charlie Halpin is a 3M Preferred Installer

Charlie Halpin 3M_Preferred Installer for vWrapz vehicle wraps Toronto

Charlie has over 25 years experience installing graphics on cars, trucks, buses, boats and aircraft.

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This site is optimized to read on your Smart phone, iPad or Tablet

We have gone to great lengths to make sure you can find us on your smart phone or tablet when you are on the road. This site will automatically re-size on any smart phone so you can easily see every page. Hope you like it and it works for you.

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5 Easy steps to purchasing a vehicle wrap from vWrapz

5 Easy steps to ordering a vehicle wrap at vWrapz custom vehicle wraps Toronto

5 Easy steps to ordering a vehicle wrap at vWrapz custom vehicle wraps Toronto

Go to Contact Page NOW

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We wrap really big things like Sherway Gardens.

Walls, floors, stairs, pillars, mirrors, concrete,  windows, photo booths and iPad stands. Let  us create an event for your client and make  you look good.

Click on ad to see more or click here to Go to Contact Page NOW

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Rent and wrap any vehicle for a day, a week, a month or a year.

Rent a wrapped vehicle from vWrapz Toronto

Click on ad to see more or click here to Go to Contact Page NOW

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Custom Vehicle Wraps | vWrapz in Vaughan Ontario Canada

Wrapping the Potato at our new shop with 3M 180 series vinyl wrap

vWrapz Inc. – Custom Vehicle Wrapping
vWrapz welcomes you to our new state of the art custom vehicle wrap design center in Vaughan Ontario. This is a strategic move in our efforts to become the best vehicle wrap company in Toronto. Let our 3M Preferred Installer properly install our beautifully created 3M Scotchprint vehicle wraps and matte CF wraps on our clients fleets.
See a showcase of our current wraps here: LINK
vWrapz | 116 Viceroy Rd Unit 15, Bldg B | Vaughan ON L4K 2M2 | 905 761 9727
Mike’s Tuner Shop – CF Di-Noc and Matte Wraps for Your WHIP!
This is where you can also get your Mike’s Tuner Shop vehicle wraps and CF Di-Noc vinyl graphics installed. Mike’s supplies matte black, grey, white, yellow and green wraps with printed images on the matte if you like. As well the latest in 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber in white, titanium, and black with or without print.
Movable Advertising – Rent & Wrap a Car, Truck, Bus or 53′ trailer for a Day, Week, Month or Longer
Our third brand is Movable Advertising. You can rent and wrap a car, truck, bus or trailer for a day, week, month or longer and have it wrapped, delivered, displayed, returned and peeled in one complete service. Since the creative, printing, installation and removal is done in-house, you receive the best service and price in Toronto. For business on the move –
You can rent this executive bus with 3000 watt sound system and wet bar for the day or week and have it wrapped with your company brand all for one price. Comes with driver.
See a showcase of our current wraps here: LINK
vWrapz | 116 Viceroy Rd Unit 15, Bldg B | Vaughan ON L4K 2M2 | 905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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About vWrapz Inc.

vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B)  | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
vWrapz creates brilliant 4 color commercial vehicle wraps for your corporate car, SUV, van, 24′ truck or 53′ trailer. Our service includes creative, art, production, installation (mobile) and warranty. We only use the best 3M Scotchprint, Oracal, Arlon, Avery and Hexis products. Our designers create your wrap for you using Adobe Illustrator and we strive to make your wrap an original. Wraps do not harm the paint. In fact they protect it. As well wraps are removable and we offer that service as well. We also offer quality installation re-style wraps for your personal vehicles. We use 3M 1080 series matte, carbon fiber and brushed steel products.
Vwrapz CAR BAR 1 .png

jv33 250.jpg
Our company has 25 years of experience and follows a 6-step solution approach
Discovery, Strategy, Creative, Production, Installation / Distribution and Customer Care
Charlie brings 25 years of graphic experience to the table. He got his feet wet in the late 80?s servicing clients like Canada 3000 Airlines and Cantel ATT. As well he raced and finished 2 Baja 1000 off road events in Mexico aboard a Kawasaki KX 500. In Grade 4 Charlie won the logo contest for his elementary school, St Bernard in Montreal. So it’s in his blood. Nevertheless Charlie knows graphics and he’s ready to create a wrap for your vehicle today. Charlie is a 3M Preferred Installer which ensures your install will be done with precision, skill and care backed by a 1 year warranty.
Charlie Halpin President SFX - A Man who loves vinyl.png
Charlie Halpin – President

Charlie Halpin President SFX putting graphics on an Air 2000 737 in a hanger in Toronto in 1989.png

Charlie installing on a Boeing 757 in the early 90’s for Air2000. (Note the black hair)

Holly brings 20 years of experience from the legal profession to  the mix. Having spent 13 of those years as a Coordinator with a large law firm in downtown Toronto assisting the Director of Professional Development she was able to develop and hone her project management skills. Paying attention to all the details, no matter how small, meant the success of a professional development program. Applying these same practices, principles and skills at vWrapz is how she effectively manages and ensures each client’s vehicle wrap project is a successful one.

Having combined their skills, expertise and professionalism Charlie and Holly have built one of the best custom vehicle wrap companies in the GTA.   To ensure they produce the highest quality print wraps possible they have purchased new digital vehicle wrap printing and laminating equipment.  They have added a 54″ Mimaki JV33 printer, a Summa Cutter and a 55″ Seal cold laminator to their production department.  They have created, produced and installed high quality wraps for clients such as Samsung, Toyota, Merecede-Benz, Jamis Bikes, SpinMaster (Bakugan), Property Guys, LA Limos, Karl Wolf Entertainment, Star Choice, Service Master, Magna Intier,  JUMP! Creative (Sony), BBDO (Sony), LEXPR (Shoppers Drug Mart, Absolute Vodka), Spinradius (Diesel), Guess, Corona, CIBC, Stephen Lewis Foundation, La Swiss Stores, Average Joe Sports,  Home Hardware, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, NDP – Andrea Horwath and Department of Natural Resources.

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Vehicle Wrapping by vWrapz Inc. – ROI

Dollar for dollar today, vehicle wrapping offers the best value for advertising on the local level. A highly creative vehicle wrap can drive traffic to your website or service by standing out in the crowd and being noticed combined with a clearly displayed website address or phone number on the wrap that is part of a well thought out advertising scheme. We can create a mild or wild wrap, depending on your requirements. A vehicle wrap costs about as much as a large ad in a newspaper. Yet its on your vehicle for years. The newspaper is thrown away everyday.

Benefits of a wrap.
* Car wrap advertising reaches other qualified buyers along delivery routes
* Creates a powerful “referral” effect
* Graphics can be tailored to demographics
* A mobile showroom
* Creates a positive impression with vehicle wrap advertising
* Fade and tear resistant
* Prolongs a vehicle’s paint life
Vehicle Wraps Banner for Entries -Vehicle Wraps.png
Call or email today for a personalized estimate.
vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”
See a showcase of our current wraps here: LINK

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vWrapz | New Large Format Hi-Speed Wrap Printing Equipment

vWrapz is pleased to announce we have purchased new Digital Vehicle Wrap Printing equipment. To better serve our many clients we have added a 54″ Mimaki, Summa Cutter and 55″ Seal cold laminator to our production department.

This is our old printer. We are updating this post and will present the new equipment shortly.
soljet 54 comment .png
vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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Q&A | Special Event Vehicle Wraps & Golf Cart Wraps

wrap by vWrapz Toronto

vWrapz | Special Events, applies and removes wraps to all types of special event vehicles, equipment, buildings, locations and serves a multitude of ad agencies in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Ohio and New York City.

This post is being updated and will show some of our new wrapped event products such as photo booths and iPad stand kiosks fully wrapped.
We are big on golf and have done numerous events for the CPGA & private corporations. With our large format capabilities and expertise we can turn any tournament or corporate gold day into a branding extravaganza. Our services include course banners, tee signs, cart graphics or partial golf cart wraps, hole in one graphics and vehicle wraps, directional and way finding signs and corporate decals to hand out or brand silent auction gear. We have 15 years experience in golf tournaments. Space is limited, so book us early.
We can wrap any of the following Golf Carts and ATV’s, EZ-Go, Club Car, Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Mule, Kubota RTV, Polaris Ranger, Pug, John Deer, Pioneer and Argo. These include beverage carts as well. Pricing starts at around $350for multiple Golf Cart Wraps. Call for Special Event Golf Cart Wrap Services. In short this means multiple carts wrapped the day before a big tournament and then the wrap is removed the same or next day at the golf club.
Vehicle wraps golf cart wrap banner.png
vWrapz | SPECIAL EVENT RENTAL WRAPS | Movable Advertising
For the Sony Style Project we threw our support behind JUMP! Creative in Toronto. jumpcreative.com
Vehicle Wraps Special Event Wraps Rental Removal.png
Vehicle Wraps Special Event Wraps Rental Removal etc.png
We support event professionals like spinradius in Toronto and Canada wide with timely creative graphic solutions for their very important events for very large clients.
In Toronto contact: Scott Koch
Vehicle wraps Elevator Door Wraps Window Wraps Spin Radius Toronto.png
Always ahead of the pack in the motorcycle world our president is a 2 wheel specialist and is credited with creating and building the 7500 sq ft Harley Canada Trade Show Booth that is currently exhibiting across Canada. Contact us to find the latest info on wrapping your show space. You can also revitalize your space by wrapping a boring booth with a graphic creative wrap. Wrap product displays or products themselves. Call us today.
Get Noticed Get A Wrap Button Vehicle Wraps SFX Vehiclewrapz.png
vehiclew wraps toronto car wraps truck wraps trailer wraps golf cart wraps large format.png
vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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vWrapz | Smart Car Wraps | Smart ForTwo | Rent & Wrap

We know Smart Cars. We have wrapped dozens of the pint sized billboards. A Smart Car is the typical David and Goliath story. It may be small but it packs a mean punch in the advertising world. In the first place people notice Smart Cars without graphics. Add a well designed wrap to one and you have a fantastic marketing machine. This is what we have noticed. Of course we’ve had our hands on quite a few and driven as many. Bottom line. They turn heads. If you are trying to get your message across and want guaranteed results, just get a Smart Car and we’ll wrap it.
Living Assistance
Vwrapz Special Event Wraps
Rentals of Smart Cars are available from companies we know. We have put together a rental and wrap program. Call for details. So you should be able to rent a Smart Car or other vehicle from us that is wrapped for your special event. Afterward we remove the wrap and arrange for return to your or our rental company.
A new site is being built for this purpose: smartfortwowraps.com
Vwrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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vWrapz | Re-Branding, Co-Branding & Company Name Changes

Brands change, merge and stand side by side. We are very adept at facilitating these changes and can do so across Canada. We have switched branding for numerous small companies and some notable larger one such as Air2000 to Canada 3000 Airlines, Cantel to Cantel ATT to Rogers, Star Choice to Shaw and Fred Deeley Ltd. to Harley Davidson Canada.
Let us help you make that Brand transition smooth and painless. Minimize downtime for your fleet. Ask us about our solutions to Re-Branding.
vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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vWrapz – Shaping The Retail Environment | Building, Storefront, Real Estate, Construction Hoarding Wraps

Shaping the retail environment with large format pre-opening construction hoarding by SFX Retail Environments.png
Because it has become the most critical brand touch point – where customers educate themselves on products and services, compare features and make purchase decisions. Retail stores are no longer just the end point of a long distribution chain. They are brand spaces, where marketing promises and brand values come to life for the customer. Leverage this important asset and learn how you can implement the art and science of large format imaging in you retail brand appearance with vWrapz Retail Environments.
Let us show you how to design your retail environment to influence customer behavior with stunning layouts, vibrant colors printed at 1440 dpi, the latest in graphic communications, merchandise displays and large format wall wraps. Get a free quote on pre-opening hoarding wrap in banner or direct wrap. Store window wrap graphics. Seamless Interior wall wraps and huge murals install directly to drywall or painted surface. Floor wraps and logos. POP advertising. POS Terminal wraps. Counter wraps and more.
If the project requires expertise in wrapping and is large enough to catch our attention, don’t hesitate to call.
vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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vWrapz Designers -The Fun Job

Our in-house designers have gobs of design experience and they usually nail your creative the first time. We include creative with all our vehicle wraps but we do have the expertise for other design projects. Let us help you with keeping continuity in your advertising program.
Want to Freelance design for us? Send us a link to your website and we’ll take a look.
Must know Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and be able to produce top quality wrap art ready to print.
vWrapz Inc. | 116 Viceroy Rd, Unit 15 (Bldg B) | Vaughan Ont L4K 2M2
905 761 9727
“When Only The BEST Will Do”

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