Matte & CF

Lets be frank here. We have wrapped lots of exotic and not so exotic vehicles in matte, carbon fiber and colour change vinyls using premium 3M product. We use only the best installers to do the job. We charge accordingly. We have many happy clients too. That said, the state of this segment of wrapping has turned into a nightmare of in-experienced installers using cheap imitation product from offshore. As well the average client has gone to price point sensitivity and is shopping for the lowest price. Low price is fine when searching for tires and auto parts but not wraps. In the wrap business low price is a decision you may regret. It is similar to getting a cheap paint job versus a great one. Inexperienced or poorly trainer installers will damage your vehicle and cause the wrap to fail. It will not come with a warranty and your vehicle will be worth less with damaged paint, rubber and glass. You can find them on Kijiji, Facebook, Instagram and other internet sites. Good luck with that.

We would like to add that there are still a few great wrap companies out there and they know they are good at their craft. You can find them on the 3M or Avery websites as preferred or certified installers. Our company is there.

In the end we only accept personal wraps (matte, CF, colour change) clients who want the best possible job done, using premium 3M or Avery vinyls, utilizing Knifeless cutting systems and performed by authorized installers. Bear in mind that we will not drop prices to match the hacks prices and we do supply an invoice. This means you will pay taxes even if you pay cash. The invoice is proof of warranty.